Numbers of Books Authored/Edited/Contributed Chapters

List of Books: Authored/Edited

  • Quality Control and Evaluation of Herbal Drugs ISBN: 9780128133743, Elsevier Science, USA, 2019, 700 pages

  • “Evidence based validation of herbal medicine”, 1st edition, Mukherjee, P.K. (edited). Elsevier Science, USA, 2015, (

  • “Traditional Medicines and Globalization–The Future of Ancient Systems of Medicine”- Maven Publication, Kolkata, 2014, 730 pages, ISBN 978-81-926243-0-3.

  • Peter J. Houghton (Edited), “Evaluation of Herbal Medicinal Products - Perspectives of Quality, Safety and Efficacy” Pharmaceutical Press, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, UK, 2009, 501 pages, ISBN 978-0-85368-751-0.

  • “Promotion and Development of Botanicals with International Coordination” –Allied Book Agency, Kolkata, India, 2005, 510 pages.

  • “GMP in Herbal Drugs” - Eastern Publishers (Business Horizons Ltd.) New Delhi 2003, 400 pages, ISBN 81-900788-5-2.

  • “Quality Control on Herbal Drugs”, Business Horizons Ltd., New Delhi, 2002, 816 pages, ISBN 81-900788-4-4.

Book chapters contributed

  • "Factors to Consider in Development of Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplements" in; Pharmacognosy; Fundamentals, Applications and Strategies, Simone Badal & Rupika Delgoda (Eds) Academic Press, Tokyo, Japan, 2017. Pp. 653–661: ISBN: 978-0-12-802104-0.

  • "Ethnopharmacology and Integrative Medicine: An Indian Perspective" in: Ethnopharmacology, Michael Heinrich & Anna Jagor (Ed.), Wiley Blackbell, 2015, 279-292. ISBN: 9781118930748.

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  • “Botanicals as Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors Useful in Hypertension” in: Nutritional and Therapeutic Interventions for Heart Disease, Nilanjana Maulik (Ed), CRC Press, New York USA, 2013, 541 -559. ISBN: 13: 978-1-4398-8200-9.

  • “Exploring the CNS active potentials of some Indian spices” in: Spices: The Elixir of Life, A.K. De (Ed.) DK Fine Art Press, New Delhi, 2011.

  • “Healthcare through Herbal Medicine- Strategies for Development of Natural Products, Way Forward” in: Proceeding of National Seminar on Scope & development of Natural Products by Erstwhile Belonia College, South Tripura, India, 2011. ISBN-978-81-89742-51-5.

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