Dr. Pulok K. Mukherjee

Director, School of Natural Product Studies
Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032, India

  • About Me

    Dr. Pulok Mukherjee is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry [FRSC], UK. He completed his master and PhD in pharmacy from Jadavpur University and post doctoral research from Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, The Netherlands. He has made significant contributions in the area of medicinal plant research. He has been working on evidence based validation of medicinal plants and related metabolomic studies to make them available from 'Farm to Pharma'. Dr Mukherjee’s works on chemo profiling, marker and biomarker analysis of herbs for quality evaluation and their exploration is very significant. He has also made significant contribution on development of safety profile of herbs and formulation through metabolism mediated herb-drug interaction.

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  • Jadavpur University

    Pulok K Mukherjee, PhD, FRSC
    School of Natural Product Studies
    Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
    Jadavpur University
    Kolkata – 700 032, India
    Tele Fax: +91 33 2414 6046
    E-mail: naturalproductm@gmail.com

  • Journal of Ethnopharmacology (Elsevier Science, USA)

    Pulok K Mukherjee, PhD, FRSC
    Associate Editor
    Journal of Ethnopharmacology
    Elsevier Science, USA

  • Society for Ethnopharmacology (SFE), India

    Pulok K Mukherjee, PhD, FRSC
    Society For Ethnopharmacology (SFE)
    23/3, Saktigarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata: 700032, India

Evidence-Based Validation of Herbal Medicine

Editor: Dr. Pulok K Mukherjee,
ISBN: 978-0-12-800874-4,
Publisher: Elsevier

This book highlights on several aspects of Evidence based validation of herbal medicine and their quality control. Several aspects of the quality, safety, and efficacy of herbal medicine, particularly methods to assess their activity and underlying mechanisms of action has been described in this volume. The main aim of this book is to improve the level of understanding of various aspects on evaluation of natural products. This will provide a comprehensive validation of herbal medicine so that they can be used with greater confidence because of improved quality and scientifically sound evidence base.

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Traditional Medicine and Globalization

Editor: Dr. Pulok K Mukherjee ,
ISBN: 9788192624303,
Publisher: Maven Publishers

Given the importance on promotion and development of natural products, this book covers various aspects on revitalization of traditional medicines. A wide diversity of chapters has been contributed by eminent personalities throughout the world including Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India; Shri Shekhar Dutt, Dr. R. Verpoorte, Dr. P. J. Houghton, Dr. Marco Leonti, and others. It is an imperative addition to the libraries of technical and administrative personnel in the industries and Universities as a potential resource to update their knowledge on globalization of traditional medicine.

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Evaluation of Herbal Medicinal Products,

Editors: Dr. Pulok K Mukherjee and Dr. Peter J Houghton,
ISBN: 9780853697510,
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

The intention of this book is to describe and assess different approaches and techniques for evaluating the quality and efficacy of herbal medicines. It brings together articles on current thinking and practice in these areas and highlights up-to-date research which should facilitate improvements in the topics under consideration. It is an indispensable resource for academic and industrial researchers and both undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students.

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